This tree with high decorative potential has the merit of having several strings to its bow. Not only is the bright color of its fruit appreciated in the garden, but it also – as the name suggests – attracts birds! Let’s see right away how to take care of this tree, which is native to Europe.


Identity record
Where and when to plant it?
The right actions to adopt
Are the fruits edible?

Identity record

Also known as rowan, this tree is considered to be the bearer of good fortune in some folklore from northern Europe. It can live for a hundred years and reach about fifteen meters in height and a wingspan of 5 to 8 meters. It is therefore better to plan for space before welcoming him to the garden!

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The advantage of this tree is also that it can be enjoyed differently throughout the year: in spring, the flowering of white flowers decorates the foliage, before being followed by bright red fruits at the end. of the year. And in autumn, the leaves turn an orange-yellow color that is very pleasing to the eye during this period.

Where and when is the planter?

Another good point for the rowan tree: it is very resistant. Whether it is cold (down to -20 ° C), pollution or the nature of the soil, few constraints hinder its growth. It is best to plant it in a location in partial shade, although full sun can also be considered.

Be careful though, his Achilles heel is drought he fears in the long run. But no need to succumb to fate, good watering and well-drained soil can remedy this. When it comes to planting time, fall is ideal. If necessary, it is also possible to plant rowan trees in the ground in the spring.

sorbier des oiseleurs

The right actions to adopt

As for watering, be sure to ensure a good supply of water when planting, and especially during the driest periods of summer. If necessary, mulch the soil at the base of the tree to ensure cool, moist soil. A contribution in compost in the spring is quite possible.

Rowan rowan does not necessarily require a particular size. You just need to remove dead branches and those that intersect too much to let them breathe. But once it has reached its adult size it can be left as is!


Are the fruits edible?

The fruit of this tree – sorbs – attracts birds, which are very fond of it. But can men consume them? Yes, like those of sorbus domestica l. But on condition of respecting certain rules! You should know that the seeds contain a toxic substance – when you eat a lot of them – when they are young.

Patience is therefore essential! The sorbes must therefore be harvested when they are very red. In this way, they will be less acidic. Therefore, these fruits can be used to make jellies, compotes or syrups. Remember to check to wash them before cooking them.