Fruit with many symbols, the pomegranate sometimes tends to eclipse the tree from which it comes. And yet, the pomegranate tree offers warm and bright colors very popular to give a little color to the garden! In autumn, the leaves take on a very appreciable yellow tint. So here is the best way to grow it at home.

Choose the right place

To grow without difficulty, it will need to be planted on land that can enjoy long, hot summers . Mediterranean plant par excellence (although it is probably native to India), it is therefore not planted elsewhere than in the sun , we can imagine!

If you live in a place where winter frosts are frequent, choose a pomegranate tree culture in a pot to shelter it during the winter. All the same, allow room for it to flourish as well as possible!

When is the best time to plant it? 

As a general rule, place it somewhere sheltered from the wind and in well-drained soil – whatever the nature of the latter. The best time to plant a pomegranate tree is spring – or fall. If you live in an area where winters aren’t too prone to frost, the months between October and December are perfect. Otherwise, it is better to wait for the return of sunny days.

pomegranate flower tree pomegranate

Watering and maintenance 

For its water needs, it is better not to trust its nature which supports hot climates well. The pomegranate needs water all year after it is planted . During summer periods , make sure that the soil is always cool and that watering is frequent.

To keep the freshness and a little humidity at its base as much as possible, lay out a mulch in the spring. The same goes for the compost if you want to give it a boost during its growth.

The pomegranate does not require pruning during the 3 years following its planting. From there, it is possible to do it in the spring to remove dead branches and shorten the ones that are spread out too much.


Harvest the pomegranate

The flowering of the pomegranate takes place from May to August, to give way to the harvest of fruits from October . A pomegranate is good for picking when it has a slightly red coloring and has not yet been split.

The advantage of these fruits is that they keep for a long time after harvest – from 4 to 5 months depending on storage conditions. In the latter case, they should be kept at a temperature of around 5 ° C. Otherwise, the pomegranate can be kept for a month in the fridge .

When it comes to cooking it, nothing could be easier, even if it is not obvious at first. The pomegranate is very good for your health – it is full of antioxidants – and is well suited for fruit juice homemade. It also goes perfectly well in a salad.