Being a student and wanting to make your apartment bloom are not incompatible! It is possible to make your interior as green and lush as a tropical jungle for less. For plant lovers who don’t want to break the bank like low-income students, here are some solutions to bring your apartment to life!

Which plants are recommended for their price?

Some plants are sold at low prices in most stores. This price is explained by a significant multiplication of these due to simple cuttings or rejections which offer a large number of plants .This is also explained by a high production in the face of a substantial demand from gardeners. This is particularly the case with aloe vera, which is never sold very expensive and yet offers many advantages. In particular, it helps to calm burns, whether they are due to your kitchen or to sunburn! Its gel is also very good in cosmetics and helps fight acne. It is also an excellent hair care. The spathiphyllum, or moon flower, is also a plant often sold at ridiculous prices. Purchased small, your plants will be cheaper than large models and will only grow and develop. Small cacti are also inexpensive plants that can be of interest to those who don’t really have a green thumb.

If you have a little time or want to watch your plant grow and evolve, you can also buy seeds and grow them. It’s a good way to save money and learn how to take care of your little plant.

What can also be ideal in a student apartment or a small apartment is to put “useful” plants. These are the plants that can bring life to your living space, but also help you cook! This is the case of parsley, thyme, basil, mint which are pretty green plants and which will serve you in a multitude of dishes. The seeds of the latter are inexpensive, are not difficult to maintain and will bring a little greenery in your interior.

Spathiphyllum moon flower

Private sales of plants

Right now, private plant sales are very popular. These are sales throughout France which can take different forms. First of all, there are private sales organized by garden centers or horticulturalists. You only need one thing to access these sales: have a loyalty account with the seller in question. You will have the choice among many plants that you can buy at preferential prices. It is a way to have rarer and more original plants than usual. In addition, the prices are well below the prices usually offered. So student notice, get started on the adventure!

You will also be able to participate in another kind of private sale which is not organized this time by horticulturalists, but by plant enthusiasts. They take place all over France, and offer plants at bargain prices. You will find in particular bonsai, different varieties of monsteras or cacti. You can buy indoor plants, but also outdoor plants. Prices for this type of sale range from € 1 to € 2 for small plants, between € 5 and € 10 for medium and large ones are offered from € 20. These are ephemeral sales of a day or two at most and offer a wide range of products.


Horticultural schools, a gold mine for students

We do not usually think of these places of sale, however many plants are offered there. These are students who take care of the plants, grow them and then sell them. So their price is relatively low and you will be able to find orchids or other amazing plants! This is an interesting way to be able to find plants that have a high cost usually at an unbeatable price. For the students it is a real chance.

You will also have the possibility to buy different potting mixes, cleaning products, but also pots. In terracotta or plastic, with or without a saucer, the pots do not cost much. Count around 2 or 3 € for a large terracotta, for example.

garden center

Cuttings exchange sites

People-to-people cooperation and solidarity are good at the moment! Many plant enthusiasts offer cuttings from a mother plant that they own and do not need to reproduce for exchange. It’s an innovative way to acquire plants for free in exchange for one of your own. You can thus, in exchange for a small piece of your plant, discover another variety, develop it, cut it and then exchange it for another. This exchange of plants is therefore suitable for everyone!

What can also be good for you, plant friends who do not want to pay a fortune, are the crates! Some producers offer crates of tired or unsaleable plants for purchase at discounted prices. In addition to saving them, you can flower your home without breaking the bank.

Students, do not hesitate to buy plants, and ask the seller for advice if you have any concerns. With all these tips, you will have no trouble making your apartment bloom at a lower cost!

monstera cutting