We are not all fortunate to have its south-facing garden, an exhibition that allows us to cultivate a large number of plants. Moreover, even with such a configuration, dark corners inevitably persist. So, in order not to lose all this space, know that there are plants that thrive in the shade while revealing magnificent blooms! Discover 9 flowers that bloom in the shade!

1) fuchsia
Fuchsia is an original flower of pink and purple color. After flowering, pretty little edible berries take place!


2) digitalis
Foxglove flower stalks can reach 2 m! It prefers rich, well-drained soils to offer you a magnificent shades of pink.


DigitaleCredit: Ben Jessop / Pexels
3) Black cohosh (Cimicifuga)
This plant brings a certain lightness to the garden. Its flowers with very fine petals give off a bewitching fragrance.

Cimicifuga racemosa

Cimicifuga racemosa
Credit: knoppper / iStock
4) Camellia
The camellia flower contrasts with its dark green foliage. This is present all year round and will allow you to decorate your garden in any season.

camelia flowers to plant in winter in your garden

camelia fleurs à planter en hiver dans son jardin
Credit: Muecke / Pixabay
5) impatience
The foliage of impatience is very original. It is toothed, dark in color with purple veins. This foliage contrasts with single red or pink flowers.

impatience Impatiens

impatience Impatiens
Credit: Pinrath Phanpradith / iStock
6) perennial geranium
The variety Geranium “Rozanne” has a white heart and purple petals. Its flowering is particularly long, even in the shade!


7) the primrose
The advantage of primroses is that they come in (almost) all colors! Their « frilly » effect sublimates the garden and will bring light to shady corners.



Credit: bernswaelz / Pixabay
8) gentian
The gentian is known for its deep blue, trumpet-shaped flowers. Prefer a neutral or calcareous soil, well drained, rich and fresh.


Credit: ViliamM / iStock
9) Mexican orange tree

Oranger du Mexique
In addition to sublimating the garden with its sublime bloom, the Mexican orange tree embellishes the space with a delicate scent.