While all plants need a minimum of light to be able to thrive, some do not need it as much as others. They will flourish in places of the house that benefit from a slightly more timid light supply. Ideal so that these darker places of a home can also accommodate plants! 

1. A calathea

For example, we can favor the makoyana or roseopicta varieties – see the photo below -, which give the impression that the patterns have been delicately painted on the leaves. But in general, the calathea is a graphic plant that brings a touch of originality and modernity.

Calathea roseopicta

2. An orchid

This plant is undoubtedly on the podium of the most popular! And it would be wrong to do without them as their flowering perfectly decorates the interior of a home . If it needs a minimum of light, it is better to avoid at all costs to expose it to direct sunlight, at the risk of burning its flowers.

orchid phalaenopsis flower

3. A spider plant

Also called chlorophytum , this plant native to South Africa is extremely easy to grow. In a composition of plants or simply in suspension , it requires little care – apart from regular watering of course.

chlorophytum spider plant

4. A sansevière

Sometimes referred to as the mother-in-law’s tongue, this tall and vertical plant easily dresses up a space for an original rendering that does not take up too much space . In addition it is very resistant, a real plus for those who do not necessarily have a green thumb!


5. A caladium

Seeing the pretty foliage of this caladium, we understand better why its nickname is none other than angel wings . Their decorative appearance will give a little harmony to any decoration. The shade does not bother the caladium, as long as it gets a little natural light.

Caladium Candidum white leaves

6. A moon flower

The name of this plant predestines it completely in more shaded places! Called spathiphyllum, this exotic plant seduces with its white flowers that add a poetic and elegant touch .

moon flower spathiphyllum

7. A croton

A hardy houseplant, croton and its bright colors enhance any decor. Be careful, however, not to put it within reach of children and near animals, its leaves are poisonous .


8. A capillary from Montpellier

And why not adopt a fern? It appreciates shade and humidity , and needs relatively careful care to ensure good hydration. Placing it in the bathroom will allow it to take advantage of the ambient humidity.

Adiantum Fragrans capillary

9. A saw palmetto

The mountain palm brings the exotic touch currently in fashion. What’s more, it can be kept for a very long time and is quite resistant to conditions that other plants cannot tolerate. It’s the perfect houseplant for a shady corner.

chamaedorea mountain palm

10. An aglaonema

Like the calathea, the plants of this variety stand out for the diversity and originality of their very decorative foliage . In this regard, direct sunlight causes spots on the leaves: it is better to favor subdued places!

Aglaonema Aglaonema